meet the team

The Mission

Teaching Effective Creative Ways of Thinking, Believing and Living.

Purpose of the Organization

The mission of Life-Imagined is to create a spiritually stronger, wiser, and intentionally giving culture. Our focus is teaching people how to tap into the ability of the Creator within. This will enable participants to successfully manage everyday challenges, achieve direction and peace for their lives, while producing an abundant life to be enjoyed and shared with others.

We help you cultivate answers to these questions:

  1. Why am I here?
  2. What is my purpose?
  3. How do I execute that purpose?
  4. How does that look?

About our team

Wendy L. Cunningham Barnes

Wendy was born and raised in the city Chicago, IL. She is a successful entrepreneur, bestselling author, host of the WendyLyfe, radio talk cohost, ambassador, wife, and mother of three (Paige, Matthew and Christian). Wendy left Corporate America in 1995 to launch her own Mary Kay organization. She has a gift for inspiring women to believe in their own unique beauty. She also participates in several women’s networking groups. As an ambassador for the special-needs community, Wendy works to encourage the families of special needs children, and advocates for care giving professionals who support this community. Her advocacy for the disabled was born out her experience raising her own special needs children, daughter Paige (who passed in 2013) and son Christian.

The WendyLyfe YouTube channel was initially created to be networking information resource for the special-needs community. The videos of Wendy and Christian gained the attention of Road2Eternity Entertainment Company. After several conversations, the company expressed interest in developing a show around this platform. The concept of the WendyLyfe revolves around creating an awareness, providing resource connections, and to inspire people with disabilities and their families.

As a professional speaker, coach and author, Wendy speaks on topics that inspire and motivate while touching the heart. She is vulnerable and transparent when sharing her story of overcoming abuse, neglect and abandonment; she believes being free enough to speak out, is power. She candidly shares how she had to daily tell herself, “keep your fists up”, as she endured blow after blow from life’s many lessons. Her upcoming book, Unbelievable poignantly tells her story of moving beyond the wounds of the past into a place of strength, faith and peace.

James H. Carpenter Barnes, Ph.D.

James H. Carpenter Barnes is a Christian American author and public speaker. He writes supernatural fiction thrillers and non-fiction books on scriptural based personal development.  His novel Between the Ticks of the Clock-Second Edition received nomination for Outstanding Fiction by the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago, and it received a Literary Titan Book Award. His bestselling book, entitled ‘Looking for God? Look no Further – Look Within’, contains spiritual principles for creating vision and achieving goals. Practices he’s used in his personal and business life over the past 20 years. He and his wife Wendy co-host JW/FUZION radio program and podcast focused on personal development. March of 2020 saw the debut of a show hosted by James H. Carpenter Barnes called Shattered Ceilings, a program produced by Road2Eternity Entertainment Company.

His Journey & Development:

Born in the city of Chicago, he attended DePaul University where, as a pre-med student, he studied biology with a minor in Philosophy & Religion. After being born again in 1982 he completed undergrad studies at LOGOS Bible College in Florida. He received his Doctor of Philosophy & Religious Studies at W.W.I. Bible School and Seminary in Indiana.

He has served in his local church and as an itinerant speaker to churches and social organizations around Chicago, and cities in the mid-west. His mission and passion: Inspiring growth beyond limited thinking and mediocrity.